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Engage your Ads with our audience and get a higher boost in your sales. We make advertisement easy for you without wasting your time and providing you better results.

  • How we display your Ads?

    We take Advertisement very seriously because you’re showing trust in us! And we are responsible for providing better results and excited to increase your sales, so we provide you Ad space on our website main highlighted area where all the user are engaged mostly, which provides directly profit to your Ads.

    We provide ad space in the center of our website main area where we place your banner Ads.We also place your Video Ads on our site because we know Video Ads is always providing better result and engaging with the audience.

    We always so much excited to provide you better results through our Audience and that why we also support Social Media Tweets, Posts, and Video Ads for your Brand Awareness.
  • Advertise With Us in Budget ?

    Our charges are reasonable and affordable which perfect for your pocket. We have made a simple charge package, with no hidden extra charges. We charge 200$ a day for displaying your banner, Video Ads, posts, or anything in form of an image or video. The default banner size we support 300×250, 250×250, 970×90, 160×600. If you require any other size, we customize it according to your requirement.
  • Why Choose Us?

    Our targeted audience is separated into In-segments, In the Affinity segment, we get a 44% audience with an interest in Media & Entertainment, Shoppers, Technology, Lifestyle, Food & Dining. In other Categories, we have a 35% Audience with an interest in Social networks, jobs, Online Video, Music, etc. In-Market Segment audience we have around 21% with the interest of Education, Mobiles, Finance, Apparel & Accessories. So, Advertising with us provides you a great opportunity for Your Brand Awareness and to grow your sales with us.

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